Boerum Hill Painting Company


When Boerum Hill homeowners want to enhance and restore their attractive Townhouses and Brownstones, they call the painting company always seen in their area.

JP Interiors, Inc. provides excellent interior and exterior painting services in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, focusing on painting historic townhouses, brownstones, apartments, condos, and mansions. The day-to-day wear and tear and past renovations over the last century can damage the original elaborate moldings. Our trained painters can skim-coat ceilings, fix water damage, and color walls. We repair plaster damage, revive moldings and remove layers of encrusted wallpaper. We can restore your brick and limestone exteriors to their former vibrancy so call us for excellent work.  

Our Boerum Hill Painting Company knows your homes need special maintenance.

Preparation for a painting job in traditional residences is challenging. Many of our clients know you cannot hire inexperienced painters for specialized restorations. 

Our Professional Qualifications

  • John and his crew learned much about working in older homes in the historic Brooklyn communities because their home base is inside a 280-year-old building. They lovingly maintain it with the same attention and care for their clients.
  • Our crew indicates where you are experiencing cracking plaster before seeing your home and can save horsehair and plaster over lathe walls. We recreate the technique or restore it with drywall.
  • The staff at JP Interiors Inc. has over 18 years of experience helping homeowners identify problems and avoid costly mistakes. Some painters only consider the surface; however, John and his crews conduct thorough substrate inspections. This essential preparation leads to an excellent paint and repair project.
  • Older homes and buildings may reject fresh paint; therefore, applying new coats without suitable preparation causes issues. We fix or remove layers of old paint and wallpaper or rotting plaster.
  • Choosing the proper coating isn’t simple as rushing to the paint store and finding matching shades. Consider the color, finish, and paint types before choosing a layer for an old building.
  • The application techniques and details in our painting distinguish our completed job.

Boerum Hill Painting Company

When you are ready to paint your Boerum Hill home, you’ll want to use a painting business that understands the issues. We invite you to contact our local references and ask about our work.

Whether you want to paint a room or your entire home, our painting talents will make you proud of your residence. Our professional carpenters and painters also do light carpentry and full-scale trim carpentry.

Boerum Hill in General

In Boerum Hill, classic brownstones and townhouses flank picturesque tree-lined streets, with new condos and developments rising. Boerum Hill is one of Brooklyn’s prettiest neighborhoods. It is home to artists, families, and long-time locals. Over the decades, the revitalized neighborhood became the ideal area to stroll, shop at many fashionable boutiques, and dine at cozy cafés and eclectic restaurants. 

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