Fort Greene Painting Company: Brownstones, Rowhouses, and Walk-Up Buildings

Fort Greene Brownstones, Painting Company

Fort Greene homeowners seeking to enhance and revive their brownstones and well-preserved rowhouses contact the one painting company continually seen in their neighborhood.

JP Interiors, Inc. delivers impressive painting services in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, focusing on painting the interiors and exteriors of historic houses, apartments, mansions, brownstones, and townhouses. The ravages of time and renovations may damage the home’s original elaborate moldings. Our experienced painters color walls, repair water damage and skim coat ceilings. We remove old wallpaper, revive moldings, and fix plaster cracks, so contact us for outstanding work.

Our Fort Greene Painting Company knows your houses need unique maintenance.

Prepping a painting job in pre-war homes presents a challenge. Our clients learned that you couldn’t hire unskilled painters for specialized restorations. 

Our Professional Qualifications

  • John and his team learned everything about working in classic homes in historic Brooklyn communities. Their home base is within a 280-year old building; therefore, they lovingly preserve it with the same attention to detail given to their clients.
  • Our crew points to where you may find damaged plaster before seeing your home. They save horsehair and plaster over lathe walls, recreate the original techniques, or repair it with drywall.
  • The JP Interiors Inc. crew has over 18 years of experience helping homeowners recognize problems and dodge expensive mistakes. Some painters only regard the surface; however, John and his team perform precise substrate inspections. Preparing is essential, which leads to a fantastic paint and repair project.
  •  Old homes and structures may reject fresh paint; therefore, laying new paint coats without good preparation causes problems. We repair old coatings, deteriorating plaster, and damaged wallpaper.
  • Finding the correct coating isn’t simply matching shades at the paint store. Consider colors, finish, and paint types before choosing a layer for an older building.
  • Our painting techniques and processes make a remarkable difference in our completed job.

Fort Greene Painting Company

When it’s time to paint your Fort Greene home, you’ll want to use a paint company that understands the problems. Please contact our local clients and ask for references for our work.

Our painting skills will make you proud, whether it’s one room or the entire home. Our professional carpenters and painters also do light carpentry and full-scale trim carpentry.

Fort Greene in General

The diverse, historic district of Fort Greene is home to artists, professionals, and working-class New Yorkers. The sidewalks are lined with brownstones, rowhouses, and walk-up buildings with doormen. Some rowhouses are so well-preserved, they date back to the mid-1800s. Fort Greene has a sizeable hilly green park, the first park in Brooklyn, and the architecturally stunning Williamsburg Savings Bank was the tallest structure in Brooklyn for over 80 years. Fort Greene boasts a lively cultural scene with busy flea markets and restaurants. The Brooklyn Academy of Music puts on theatrical shows, new productions, and award-winning films. 

Please visit our Services page for a full list of all of our services. Call today at 718.227.1200 for an estimate on your Brooklyn painting project.