Painting Apartments and Townhouses Upper West Side Manhattan NY

If Your Beloved Upper West Side Apartment or Townhouse Needs Painting or Restoration Work due to:

  • Water Damage
  • Layers of Crusty Wallpaper
  • Plaster Cracks
  • Multiple Layers of Dried Out Paint
  • Damaged Moldings

JP Interiors has Over 18 Years of Experience Restoring the Beauty of Homes Like Yours. Many people that call us say “we’ve seen your vans in our neighborhood”. Over the last 18 years John Parker has steadily grown his painting business from a one man crew to multiple small and medium sized painting crews.

John’s company provides interior and exterior painting services on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY with a focus on house painting, apartment painting and townhouse painting.

Preparing for painting Upper West Side homes, townhouses, townhomes and apartments is a lot more challenging than most people realize.

  • Older homes in Manhattan, NY can reject new paint in many ways. Applying a new coat of paint without properly preparing the area can often make the problem caused by layers of old paint and wallpaper or deteriorating plaster a lot worse. Unfortunately, many of John’s loyal clients learned that hiring a painter without the right training and experience can often lead to disappointing results or even damage.
  • John and his crews have learned a lot about working in older homes in the historic neighborhoods in Manhattan, NY and in Brooklyn, NY. In fact their home base is in a 280-year old home that they lovingly maintain with the same attention and care they provide for their clients.
  • Because they have successfully completed over 3,000 painting projects, they can probably tell you where you are experiencing cracking plaster before they see your home. They can save old horse-hair and plaster over lathe walls. They can recreate the technique or replace with drywall.
  • Choosing the right type of coating isn’t as easy or simple as visiting the local paint store and matching a color. Color, finish and then type of paint should all be considered before choosing the coating for an older home or building.
  • The application techniques and details in the painting processes that we use will make the difference in a finished job you will enjoy every time you walk into the room.

If you need an experienced painter to repair water damage, skim coat ceilings and walls like new, fix plaster cracks, restore moldings or to remove layers of crusty wallpaper in your Upper West Side home call JP Interiors for a superior job.

Our customer satisfaction rating has consistently been 9.6 out of 10 and we believe it is because we have crafted a unique and unrivaled methodology for implementing our standards and procedures
We take pride in following our written “Interior House Painting Process” and our “Daily Interior Clean-up Check-List“ and that means we pledge to leave your home in good shape at the end of each day.

Whether you are ready to paint one room or your entire Upper West Side home, we have the experience to make you proud to walk into your home again. Light carpentry repairs or full scale trim carpentry is all done in-house by our staff of professional carpenters and painters.