JP Interiors and the Community​

Around 2007 or so, we were asked to do small painting service jobs for The Make-a-Wish Foundation of Metro NY, which were mostly small one or two day painting jobs with a single painter or small crew. After working with Make-a-Wish for awhile, getting to know them and some of the families we were working for, an idea dawned on us, “Why not do them for free?” In the depths of the recession, doing charitable jobs for free of charge, seemed like a really bad business idea, but for us it was a way of giving back, and saying thanks. We feel that the trust and repeat business we have earned was positive proof we were doing something right. Because our customers, both Residential and Commercial, have called us back into their homes and businesses year after year is ultimately what helped us survive one of the worst economic downturns in this century! It is with this spirit and customer support that led us to make this decision.

So around 2008 we started doing about 3 or 4 jobs per year or whenever Make-A-Wish foundation had wishes to grant that involved painting a child’s room. After doing more and more each year, we are more excited than ever to be the go-to source for getting wishes granted and helping make wish rooms around the NY and NJ metro area a possibility. We are proud to help whenever and wherever we can. If you have an idea for a charity, whether person or place, that needs our help, please contact us to see if it is something that we could help you with.