Our 10 Maintenance Tips


Regular cleaning of surfaces will dramatically extend the life of the coating. This is true indoors and outdoors. The build up of dirt and salt will attract moisture. For most indoor cleaning use 100% Terry Cloth Rags for cleaning. They are inexpensive, absorbent and just rough enough to clean most painted surfaces really well. For outdoors rags can be used as well on smaller items like a basic door surround. But for larger expanses of siding, walkways, eaves, soffits and facades I would recommend using a stiff bristle brush on a pole in conjunction with a good hose, or power washer along with the right cleaning agent for the task.


Use a product called Simple Green, for general cleaning of walls and exterior. Simple Green can and should be diluted depending on the use and job. White Vinegar is another alternative.


Clean or power wash/scrub brush (exterior) all surfaces once a year. Wipe down walls, bathroom ceilings, cabinets, doors and all trim work. Rinse out and ring out the rags frequently. Use warm water. If you have used good paint you will see the benefits of this right away. Use the appropriate cleaner for the task.


A small amount of abrasive like, Baking Soda, Soft Scrub or Bar Keepers made into a paste and then soaked into a terry cloth rag will help loosen some scuff marks on trim and walls. Keep this limited to the scuff mark and use only that rag for that area. Make sure to wipe all the residue off with another clean damp rag after this- rinsing out as needed, or you will wind up with a white film on the surface. Be careful as you are actually scratching the paint to remove the offending mark.


Regular touching-up or even repainting of selected areas of painted and varnished surfaces will extend the time you want to have them redone in total. For exterior surfaces it is better to apply a yearly light protective coat with little or no prep work than wait until your door is rotting out from years of neglect. Use a micro fiber mini-roller to blend in touch-up painted areas into walls so that the painted area blends in well with the rest of the wall and does not flash. Areas of trim are often small enough in order to be segmented into painting just the parts that need it, finding a natural break or line within the trim element to conceal the new paint from the previously painted part.


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers can work well for cleaning walls.


Once surfaces are cleaned, consider waxing them. Not all things are meant to be, or should be waxed. But others will take very well to this, for instance, waxing old furniture – especially if not otherwise protected and it appears dull looking is a great idea! A regular paste wax like Butcher’s Wax can be used. There are many products that will perform the same task in different ways. Even Pledge spray wax can work for shorter terms and actually clean and wax at the same time. These cleaner/wax type products are great for the obsessive compulsive types that want to clean an exterior door weekly, lets say. There are many wax emulsions on the market that are easy to use. The simple wax on wax off method will yield shinny results! (wax can really make an old piece found at used furniture or Antique Store look really good. By tinting the wax you can also make the piece look antiqued or distressed.)


For really stubborn exterior stains like the ones from overfilled gutters, I highly recommend using a product called Amazing Roll-Off, it is very strong and leaves a wax like residue for protection. Of course keep all gutters clean and running. There are also many good products for cleaning exteriors that can be attached to a garden hose, with a dial for wash and rinse. Rust stains can be tackled with different acids but there are too many warnings and pitfalls to list here.


Knowing how to manage moisture is key. Identifying problem areas can prevent future damage. You are greatly limited by the design of your home or building, but there are ways to overcome these such as dehumidifiers, AC units and exhaust fans built for these areas of the home. Homes often generate excessive amounts of moisture in Kitchens and Bathrooms, and allowing that moisture to escape can prevent damage such as flaking paint, mold and mildew. A simple solution in today’s weather and air tight homes is simply opening a window.


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Bonus Tip

Use a High Quality, Scrub-able, coating, use the appropriate finish for the particular job, The shiny finishes will clean up better in general. In choosing high quality long lasting paints, you get what you pay for. See article below.

For any questions on the products, or the advice in the tips given here please contact me.