EPA Lead Law

Common renovation activities like sanding, cutting, and demolition can create hazardous lead dust and chips by disturbing lead-based paint and harming adults and children. The EPA’s new law affects homeowners, property managers, and landlords of homes built before 1978. The new federal law becomes effective this April 22, 2010. After this date, federal law will require all contractors working in homes built before 1978 to be certified and use lead-safe work practices. To become certified, renovation firms must submit an application and fee payment to EPA. As well, they must have a Certified Renovator on-site during the work. The full context of the law can be viewed at https://www.epa.gov/lead/steps-lead-safe-renovation-repair-and-painting or by clicking the logo above.

J P Interiors is happy to say that we are in full compliance with this new law. If you have any questions about it or suspect any problems with lead in your home, please call us.