How to Choose a Professional Painting Contractor

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If You’re Like Most Property Owners and Homeowners You Aren’t Sure What Questions You Should Ask to Evaluate a Painting Contractor’s Experience

Based on the number of painting projects we have been asked to fix, we realize that some painting contractors will say anything to get hired even if they don’t have the experience.

  • It also doesn’t take a lot of money to buy a ladder, brushes and some paint to start a painting business.
  • If you want to avoid hiring a painting contractor that will be learning how to paint at your expense, then we recommend asking most of the questions provided below before you hire.
  • Every professional painting contractor will be able to easily provide these answers and back them up in writing.
  • We will be happy to provide you with a complete copy of our consumer guide and step-by-step painting process prior to our first meeting.

These questions will provide you with significant information about the painting contractor’s reputation, policies, procedures and experience.

For each area simply ask the questions and ask the contractor to provide written evidence to support their answers.

Business Reputation

  • Is painting your full-time business?
  • In what year did you start your company?
  • How many current customer references will you provide?
  • What professional organization for the painting industry do you belong to?
  • What is your rating with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Are you certified in Lead Safe Work Practices and will you provide the appropriate proof?
  • What amounts of liability, vehicle and workers compensation insurance do you maintain?
  • Have you ever filed for bankruptcy for a painting company you owned?

Painting Experience, Policies, Procedures and Service

  • Do you have professional color consulting experience?
  • How many painting projects have you completed in the past 15 years?
  • How many years of experience do your crew supervisors have?
  • What percentage of your sales is referral and repeat business?
  • Do you hire part-time employees or subcontractors?
  • Do you have a written conduct policy for your crews?
  • How often do you meet with me to review my job?
  • If I can’t meet with you in person, how many hours of the day are you available by phone?
  • Do you offer a price guarantee?
  • How large a deposit do you normally require?
  • Do you have a record of all materials used on your projects?
  • Do you accept credit cards?

We hope these questions will help you obtain the information you need to evaluate hire and work with a professional painting contractor. Learn more about choosing a home painter near you.

All we ask is the opportunity to demonstrate our experience and share some of the outstanding customer ratings we have received before you hire another painting contractor.

If you are ready to paint one room, your home or your office my crews have the experience you should expect from a painting contractor that has successfully completed over 3,000 painting projects.

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Thanks for your time and we look forward to making you our next satisfied client.