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An Easy Outline to Check the References, Ratings and Reviews of a Painting Contractor

Most homeowners and property owners only hire a painting contractor every 7 to 10 years and many aren’t sure what questions to ask to check.

Our clients consistently rate our work as outstanding. We invite you to check out our ratings and reviews. We will also provide you with at least 50 local references that you can call.

Due to the economy, a number of folks that got laid off have started painting companies and some commercial companies have entered the house painting market to make ends meet.

Taking a few minutes to check a company out will help you avoid hiring a company that is learning how to paint at your expense.

Quality painting contractors complete at least 50 projects per year so if a company can’t provide at least 10 recent references, it is a smart idea to cross them off of your list.

Suggested Questions to Check a Painter’s Reputation

This outline was prepared by a company that has spent 10 years advising and educating homeowners, property owners and contractors on professional business practices.

Your goal should be to obtain a review and rating on timeliness, quality, cleanliness, adherence to price and professionalism.

If this seems like a pain to do, it is a lot better than realizing you have hired the wrong painter in the middle of the project.

Basic questions you may want to ask:

  • Did they start and finish the painting project in the number of days they promised?
  • Did they leave your home or office clean at the end of each day?
  • Was the price in the proposal what you paid? If not, why not?
  • Were there any issues during the project…and did they take care of them to your satisfaction?
  • Were they polite and respectful to everyone in your home?
  • Have you recommended them or hired them to do additional work?
  • Why did you choose them in the first place?

Naturally you should add any other questions that are important to you to this list.

We hope this Reference Guide helps you get the information you need to make the best choice when it comes to hiring, evaluating and working with a professional painting contractor.

All we ask is the opportunity to demonstrate our experience and share some of the outstanding customer ratings we have received before you hire another painting contractor.

If you are ready to paint one room, your home or your office my crews have the experience you should expect from a painting contractor that has successfully completed over 3,000 painting projects. Our Services page has the complete list of all of our services.

Call today at 718.227.1200 for an estimate on your painting project. We serve the Tri-State area for homeowners and business owners.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to making you our next satisfied client.