Wallpapering In Your Home

Wallpaper Hanging Brooklyn Manhattan


Choosing wallpaper is often daunting, taking up much of your valuable time. In this newsletter, I would like to offer some ways to make the selection and installation of wallpaper easier and less expensive than you might already think.

The three biggest questions I often hear are; “Are people still doing wallpaper? Is it in style? ” and “How do I find a wallpaper that will match my interior ?” “What kind of wallpaper, if any, can I use in my bathroom?” Well, not only is wallpaper still very much in style, but it is more popular than ever. Wallpaper sales are projected to grow at nearly 4 % annually until 2013. When you find the right paper for your walls, it will look beautiful and probably out-last most painted walls. Depending on its location and use, you should be able to get 15 or more years from a professional wallpaper installation. Papering your walls is a logical choice for today’s economy. It not only adds a splash of color and pattern to your overall decor, but it provides the longevity and durability most people are looking for today. In short, its versatility and beauty are timeless.

Wallpaper Dilemma?

Here we are installing a sample wall of different papers offered by a design firm inside the D & D building in Manhattan. However, finding the right wallpaper does not always mean having a designer working for you. There are several local sources here in New York as well as online. Contact me at jp@jpinteriors.com for more information and a free in-home consultation to discuss your wallpapering options.

Wallpaper Hanging Brooklyn ManhattanI often refer people to their local paint store as they often have both “off the rack” paper available in the store or large sample books that are grouped according to style, pattern, and texture. If your local store does not stock wallpaper or your would like a list of both online and local sources, contact me directly for a list of sources.

Speaking of texture, Grass Cloth is a wonderful way to add a rustic but elegant ingredient to your Family room’s look and can be used on the whole wall or a partial wall with a chair rail dividing the two. We have done countless grass cloth installations over the years. Contact me today to learn more about wall covering options.

Where should I wallpaper?

When people think of wallpaper, they often think of doing the walls, meaning all the walls in any room. As some of the photos demonstrate, the alternative trend in wallpaper is to do a partial wall, as in an accent wall or even a ceiling, as seen above. The wallpaper’s color and pattern can more easily transition into the rest of the house even by choosing a very small area like a half bath or vestibule. It’s like a dessert for the eyes, appreciated in a small quantity somewhere special in your home. Every home should have at least one area of the house wallpapered. It’s your chance to splurge on something more expressive. Don’t be afraid of using colors or patterns – they can be subtle and refined or loud and bold if that’s what you want to express. Finding the right paper for your home should be like choosing a tie; a little splash of color and, or pattern brings a grey suit to life.
The following photographs illustrate some of the points above as they are used in limited areas of the home and contain some definite statements with color and pattern

Resources, Guides, and Tips

70% of all wallpaper is sold for installation in a bathroom. And why not if you have been reading this far, you will know that the traditional place to experiment with home decor is the bathroom. Everyone has tried out some outrageous color in their bathrooms at least once, right? What better place to try something new than the smallest room in the house? As long as the paper is covered in a vinyl coating, it should be good for the higher humidity and cleanable surface required for such areas.

I would like to refer you to a helpful website for wallpapering. It is the Wallcovering Installers Association (www.wallcoveringinstallers.org). They have a good section for consumers with sections on FAQ and a Dictionary of wallpapering terms. There are also many links for sources on purchasing wallpaper through its associate members.

There are some very definite things to keep in mind when installing any type of wallcovering. Using a qualified wallcovering installer with references, photographs, 14 years of experience, and good credentials like being a member of WIA, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, and The Better Business is important. Always check whether the paper is cleanable, often labeled as “scrubbable,” before you buy. Call me to measure before you order your paper, but if you want to get a rough idea of how much paper you will need, you can follow these directions. Add up the total square footage of the surface to be covered, do not subtract for the occasional door or window, and divide the total number by the number of square feet in a double roll, usually 60 square feet. If you have a fraction round up. If the paper is packaged in another quantity, it is best to give the maker the total square footage of the surface to be covered with wallpaper. Check the return policy, as they may have a restocking fee. But you will always want the same dye and lot number of the paper for optimum matching. So place one order for all of the paper at one time. Paper patterns are often discontinued, so order early. It’s always nice to have an extra roll for repairs, waste, etc. The small scrap bits can make nice drawer liners, electrical wall plate covers, or even wrapping paper.