Brush Painting vs. Roller Painting

Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York / Middletown NJ

Professional Skim Coating — Joint Compound, Brooklyn, NY

Basically skim coating is a new veneer on the surface of a wall or ceiling, whether it is new drywall, or an old plaster wall. Reinforcing this is sometimes a layer of fiberglass mesh tape and or a layer of oil primer underneath the skim coating. All repair work is done first and then the skim coating is done as the final layer just before the second coat of primer and the final finish paint. Often times why someone “needs” skim coating is more a factor of aesthetics than a matter of necessity. Skim coating can solve the problem of different “peels” in a ceiling or wall surface from appearing irregular. Peel is the term used for the texture signature of the surface, like the peel of an orange, with its particular surface appearance. If many repairs are needed in a wall, for instance, then almost by default a wall will be skim coated. Sometimes skim coating involves just a light coating of the surface to make it look consistent and smooth and other times more layers are needed. Skim coating on new sheet rocking can also solve the problem of flashing.