Residential Painting Contractors

Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York / Middletown NJ

Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey

JP Interiors has more than two decades of Experience Recovering the Interior Beauty of Homes Like Yours.

If you’re in need of a painting contractor in Brooklyn, NY that specializes in paint analysis, staining, paperhanging, color consultation, ceiling and wall repairs, and more, JP Interiors will get the job done. Since 1995, owner John Parker has grown his business after seeing a need for an organized painting service in the tri-state area. With an MFA from Hunter College in studio art and art history, John understands the significance of a well-designed room and knows exactly how to guide clients through the process. From picking contractors to colors to paint, JP Interiors delivers the best possible experience for homeowners and property owners alike.


Color Consultation

Overlooked by many contractors, JP Interiors provides color consultation to help clients find the appropriate color for each room. By considering furniture, lighting, and other decorative elements, they give each room specialized consideration before deciding on the right color to paint.


For both residential and commercial locations, JP Interiors provides expert care in the multi-step process of applying paint. Whether we’re servicing designers, property managers, or landlords, we provide high-end and economical options for the diverse needs of our clients. We understand exactly how important it is to paint the perfect color to create a welcoming environment for visitors and guests.


If you’re looking for a specific design for your walls, consider our paperhanging services. We know how to properly remove old wall paper and how to prepare the wall for the new color choice. By working with higher-end options, vintage, one-off prints, and antiques alike, JP Interiors recognizes that no two wallpaper options are the same.

Wall and Ceiling Repair

If plaster walls and ceilings are getting in the way of a new paint job, we can work with water damage, electrical and plumbing holes, and plaster cracks to repair interior surfaces. Our expertise helps us not only fix the issues at hand, but also restore the walls and ceilings back to and even better than their original shape.

Custom Colors/ Color Matching

Because JP Interiors understands the value of the correct color match, we use our own pigment dispensing machine to find the previous color as well and our own spectrometer to match any Benjamin Moore color. We also know that sometimes the colors available in stores may not be right for the space involved, and that’s why we also offer color mixing services to find the perfect color.

Historical Finishes

Prior to when commercial paints were available for purchase, painters would mix their paints onsite, making each job unique from the last. JP Interiors can accommodate historical requests such as using lime washes, clay paints, milk paints, and hand ground oil and pigments. We have experts on hand that know exactly how to refresh the surfaces of historic homes by matching the original, classic paint job.

Painter for A Day

At JP Interiors, we understand that last-minute projects and emergency paint jobs may be an added stressor when trying to find an expert paint contractor. For smaller jobs that don’t require color consultation or estimates, we offer an easy solution to provide our painting services without setting up an appointment. So as long as the paint is provided onsite, we provide the tools and services needed to get the job done.

By working closely with our clients, we have maintained a customer satisfaction rating of 9.6 out of 10, and can provide at least 50 references from our clients. Thanks to our unrivaled and unique methodology for implementing our procedures, we deliver on whatever painting work you need.

If you’re looking for residential or commercial painting services near you, call JP Interiors today at 718.227.1200 for an estimate on your Brooklyn painting project.