JP Interiors – Certifications

Brooklyn NY and Central NJ Painting Contractor

Fine Paints of Europe: JP Interiors

All Exceptional Painters

  • Were nominated by a local Fine Paints of Europe retailer because of the high quality of their work as well as their reliability and professionalism.
  • Attended a weekend training session at Fine Paints of Europe’s home office where they were formally introduced to and taught to use each of our products with best application techniques.
  • Recognize that their continued certification depends on providing Fine Paints of Europe clients with excellent service and results.

Fine Paints of Europe: JP Interiors

Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of Europe was founded in 1987 to bring the beauty and longevity of European paints to the American market. Our paints are composed of the finest pigments, oils and resins, combined two create a luxurious and lasting finish. For over 25 years, we have been setting the standard for paint quality appreciated by homeowners, design professionals, and craftsmen painters. Our paints can be found in world-class museums, high-end custom kitchens, renowned historic residences and lovely homes from coast to coast. We hope you’ll consider our unique products for your next painting project.